When the price of gas increases, homeowners can expect a wide range of other expenses to go up, including the cost of public transportation and everyday items such as groceries. Because almost every product is transported to stores via truck, the increased fuel costs trickle down to the customer. Here are nine ways gas prices affect homeowners.

9 Costs Affected by Rising Gas Prices

1. Public Transportation

While you may be aware that it will cost you more to refuel your vehicle, public transportation services often increase their fares to cover the rising cost of fuel.

2. Rising Gas Prices Affect the Cost of Building Materials

Most building materials are manufactured in bulk and transported to stores around the country. Because of the increased cost of transportation, these items often also go up in price. More expensive building materials mean significant renovations and minor repairs will cost more.

3. Lawn Care Services

If you have a landscaper who cares for your yard, you can expect their prices to increase along with gasoline prices. It will cost the lawn care company more to fuel their equipment, including mowers, chainsaws, and weed-whackers.

4. Gas Prices Affect Homeowners Who Need Repair Services

The cost of home repair and maintenance services may increase as gas prices climb. Materials are more expensive; plus, your plumber, electrician, roofer, and handy-person will have to spend more to travel to your home.

5. Petroleum Products

Petroleum is a versatile substance used to make a wide variety of products. This includes various plastics, tires, toys, and even roofing shingles. When gas prices go up, the production costs for these products will also increase.

6. Groceries

The supply chain network allows fruit and vegetables to be grown in one part of the country before being processed in another place and delivered to a store. This process relies heavily on transportation so that the rising gas price will influence the cost of groceries.

7. Food Delivery is Another Way Gas Prices Affect Homeowners

While food delivery services make your life easier, you can expect these prices to increase as gas prices rise. Higher fees are due to the increased costs of the food and the fuel required to deliver it to your home.

8. Backup Generator Costs

Your backup generator is useful when the power goes out. If you have a generator at home, the cost of refueling the machine will increase because of the rising price of gas.

9. Parcel Delivery

When you use a package delivery service to send or receive mail, this cost may also increase with rising fuel prices. Shopping online becomes more expensive, and shipping gifts to family and friends will cost more.

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